Requirements To Obtain The Electrician’s License

The electrician card no longer exists as such, that is to say, there is currently an authorization as an authorized installer. If you work in this sector and do not have the card, it is essential that you have it since without it you will not be able to legalize any installation and if you do not have civil liability insurance, you should be responsible for your assets.

In the province of Alicante, having this card opens many doors for different reasons:

New construction It is an area that today is doing a lot of new work. This entails the realization of a project, which must be carried out by the authorized installer and therefore be responsible.

  • Households. Telemanagement counters or smart meters are fully implemented throughout the province of Alicante, with the installation of power limiters are increasing users who decide to expand the power of their homes to suit their needs. This is where the authorized installer also enters an electrical bulletin is necessary to make a power term change. Any modification or alteration must be legalized as long as it exceeds a percentage of the existing ones.
  • Industrial establishments. Industrial establishments are vital in this area since it is a province with a lot of industry. In these establishments, there are usually automatisms and machinery that require continuous installation and maintenance.
  • Premises of public concurrence. Modifications in public places are persistent since these premises must comply with a series of standards and for this, they require an authorized installer.

General lighting and distribution networks (aerial and underground). We must not ignore the public projects carried out by town halls and public lighting since it is a field with a lot of demand.