Do You Know What An Electrical Bulletin Is And If You Need It At Home?

What does the electronic announcement reflect?

This certificate includes the characteristics of your installation, the installed power, the maximum admissible and a schema as a map with the location of all the essential elements (wiring, fuses, box and light points, panel, etc.). Read more at electrican Sydney

And what happens when the technician arrives?

Obviously, carefully study your installation to certify that everything is correct. And do not feel it as an obligation, but as a responsibility and a relief: this should worry you more than any other entity.

Depending on the result of the inspection, you will have your bulletin in a brief period (less than a week) if everything went well, or you will need to make some repairs or changes if problems have been detected or requested by the distributor.

How much does this inspection cost?

Do you know that there are things in life that have a fixed, standard and universal price? Well, the electrical bulletin is not one of them. It depends a lot on the installer who is going to issue it, on whether he has to perform any maintenance task, on the difficulties he finds, on whether he only charges the service’s rates or needs also to include labor or other variables.

Why? Well, because each electrical installation is a world.

And every professional, too.

That’s why we recommend that you always have good electricians who offer you full guarantees and adjusted prices. It’s about your electrical installation. Of the tranquility of your home.